Amy and I were emailing prior to their engagement session trying to make plans for locations and she mentioned that they were bike rider extraordinaires so they were going to bring those bad boys along for the session and they were probably going to stick them on the back of Andrew's old Bronco. I thought all of that sounded grand and I started picturing Amy and Andrew riding around Charlotte in a white O.J. Simpson style "old" Bronco. I had no idea how cool Broncos were before O.J. Simpson and before cars got boring. The Bronco and the bikes are just icing on the Amy-and-Andrew-cake. They are really some of the most generous and hospitable people I've met! And Amy's got a smile (or it might be the laugh...or the combination of both) that makes you feel like you're in a Coke commercial. I'm so happy for the opportunity to work with you guys!