Kate and Matthew are married! I remember when I first met Kate and Matthew in a coffee shop...I also had the privilege of meeting the man who paved the way for me: Kate's dad. He came along to the meeting because he dabbles a bit in photography and well, because who wouldn't want to drink coffee and talk about wedding photography? I didn't realize that day, but I'm pretty sure I have Kate's dad to thank for her ability to be so normal in front of the camera. Kate is just Kate. She is confident and wonderful and she has nothing to prove (probably because anything she would prove is already so obvious...she has kindness exuding out of her). I loved the way Kate let me be a fly on the wall throughout her wedding day. There is a feeling of authenticity and rawness in the images when people just forget that I'm there. I love it that way.

Matthew is fun. That's all there is to it. He could make an entirely empty room fun. He's just footloose and fancy free. I really feel like he and Kate experienced their wedding day. They were in every moment...enjoying it to the fullest. It was such a pleasure to document. Kate and Matthew had a fall themed wedding...everything from hay to cotton...leaves, wildflowers, brown suits. They did an incredible job turning the Palmer Building into an indoor-autumn! I'll let the pictures take it from here: