I never tire of these guys...never. I have had the incredible blessing of photographing the Tillotson's every fall for the past four years. Honestly, I don't think my world would be right without it anymore so I hope they never grow tired of me! Somehow it's become a right of passage for me each year...seeing their family and how they've grown and changed always launches introspection and assesment of my own life and the business (more about that in another post soon). The boys are always a more-fun-bigger-personality version of their year-before-selves. They are equally as innocent, but with so much more interest in the world and their surroundings. I hope the day never comes that the trade off necessitates less-innocence (just let me be naive). Macey and Nathan are still chock-full (grandma?) of endless amounts of playfulness and love to lavish on their boys. Ok, enough out of they are being their wonderful selves: