Matt and Melissa and I met for coffee and then a year went by and I saw them again on their wedding day. I kinda had an idea of how fun they were when I met them but had I known before what I know now, I would've tried to sign them up for every kind of shoot there is leading up to their wedding day because they make life so happy. They can't be stopped from smiling and if you think I'm lying then listen to this: about 2 hours prior to Matt and Melissa's wedding ceremony they received a phone call from their wedding officiant as she was on her way to the hospital with a broken leg informing them that she wasn't going to make it. Matt found out first, and when he told me about it he just had a smurk plastered on his face. He had the honor of telling Melissa the news -- which he thought should probably happen sooner than what better time than their first-sight? Moments after laying eyes on each other for the first time on their wedding day, Matt broke the news and I documented from afar as Melissa busted into tears. Nope - she didn't. Melissa busted into LAUGHTER. Everyone was laughing all day long. It was so wonderful. They had a plan to have an uncle read the ceremony and then just get officially married the next day. Piece of pie. But then this incredible officiant that sometimes works at The Point Lake Club came to the rescue as the ceremony music had just started playing. He took his place at the front as if it had been planned all along and he read through their cermeony that was prepared by the poor lady in the emergency room as if he had written it himself. Serious hero. It was so fun to witness.

Matt and Melissa's ceremony was held outside at The Point Lake Club and their reception followed just steps away in this autumn-wonderland that Matt and Melissa created. I will spare you the details and just let you see for yourself!

Matt and Melissa, thank you guys for the opportunity to document your wedding day adventure! I wish you guys all the best!