Best last name ever! Seriously, with a last name like don't even have to try as hard to be cool. But Katy and Al are...and they just brought cool-Huertas-del-Pino-number-three into the world. Well, 7 months ago.

Amelia is the sweetest and she's got eyes that could make you her master upon first glance -- they just make you melt. She would just stare at me with those little beauties when I got my big camera in front of her face -- Katy and Al told me that she is usually rolling on the floor and smiling like crazy but the camera just had her mezmorized. I got a few smiles when I sang the A-B-C's a few octaves too high for everyone's liking, but Katy told me that as soon as they got her home she was all smiles again! I'm not really sure what that says about me :)

Katy and Al and Amelia are such a fun little bunch! I'm so thankful for the opportunity to meet so many great families!