I met Caiti and Dan at Dan's brother and sister-in-law's wedding a little over a year ago...the same weekend that I learned that the Kummer family is uniquely bonded together through a wonderful history of struggles and miracles. Dan, of course, did the best man speech at his brother's wedding a year ago and he had the entire room wiping tears off their cheeks. Michael did not hesitate to retaliate at Caiti and Dan's wedding! The relationship between the two brothers...and really the entire Kummer one of the most touching things I have witnessed in my history of weddings. And of course, Caiti's family brings it too. The moment where Caiti's dad walked into the room and took his first look at his only daughter on her wedding day was equally as compelling. I'm not sure how many different times I had to choke back tears on Caiti and Dan's wedding day (that feeling in my throat might have escaped once or twice leaving me photograhing through the blurry, tearfilled- viewfinder)! Caiti and Dan's wedding wins in cry-off any day.

I was beyond honored when Caiti and Dan asked me if I would be willing to travel to Long Island to photograph their wedding day! They mentioned the old church that they would exchange vows in and the incredible venue that their reception would take place in but both were mind-boggling in real life! I couldn't get enough of the stone walls at St. Dominic's Chapel and the unbelievable grounds at The Woodbury!

Caiti and Dan, you guys are beyond deserving of each other! I wish you so many wodnerful years together!