Rachael and Steve's wedding. Woah. What can I even say that will do it justice? I know this: cold fronts, wind, rain, and power outages could not stop the wonder of Rachael and Steve.

When Rachael first contacted me a while back, I noticed the permanent signature on the bottom of her email said "Rachael Kinsey Designs." I was pretty excited at the thought of photographing a 'creative' regardles of what kind of 'designs' Rachael even made...but when I arrived on her website and discovered her bohmenian, coastal-inspired jewelry, I was busting at the seams. After chatting with Rachael a little more I learned that jewelry isn't even her full time job -- just her passion. For her career, she has traveled all across the country as a visual merchandiser for Nordstrom. She makes all those incredible displays that make you want to buy everything! She and Steve currently live in San Francisco where Steve is a renowned chef at a local restaurant.

These two wanted their wedding to be personal and hand-made. If Rachael couldn't make it herself she wanted to seek out vendors who would create items with love. This is how Rachael explained it: 

"We met in North Carolina at Art school. Steve was studying Culinary, I was studying Visual Merchandising. We have been traveling with work since we graduated from North Carolina. Virginia to Hawaii and now we reside in San Francisco. We really wanted to come back to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to have our wedding because it was the first place we moved together and where Steve spent majority of his youth. To incorporate Steve's love for food and his southern roots we choose Carolina BBQ, corn salad wrapped in corn husks, and a Pie bar instead of cake from Mom's Pies in Virginia (the best flippin pies I ever had growing up!). We couldn't forget to include our love for Califonia's wine, so we shipped wine from our favorite winery Benziger in Glen Ellen, Ca. I'm a Visual Merchandiser and Jewelry Designer, so I was dying to get in over my head with DIY projects. If I couldn't create it, I wanted to try and have as much as possible to be handmade or recycled. I made all my birdesmaid's, Mom's, and Grandma's jewelry. I wanted them all to be different so that they were personalized for each of their unique styles."

That is just the beginning of the explanation...Rachael and Steve came out to North Carolina 3 or 4 days before their wedding, and with the help of their friends and family, they created everything from flower bouquets and boutonnieres, to chalkboard-painted-hearts, to tea-stained crocheted table cloths, to doilie garland...and the list goes on.

Rachael and Steve rented a house in Corolla, NC with a beautiful backyard that was surrounded by dunes. It was the perfect spot for a beach wedding, followed by a backyard reception...but when the wind and rain came, the beach disappeared. The waves were crashing almost all the way up to the dunes and the fierce wind kept bringing intermittent showers that felt like individual rain drops were punching you in the face. Rachael and Steve braved it and saw each other for the first time on their wedding day while being pelted with rain drops. They ended up moving the ceremony to the backyard to avoid being washed away with the tide and it was beautiful.
Enough out of me...see for yourself:
Rachael and Steve, Congratulations!! It was a grand time working with you guys!
Bride's Dress: Sarah Seven
Bride's Earings: BHLDN
Groom's Attire: Nordstrom 
Wooden & Vintage Stand Rental: Bells and Whistles
Flowers: hand-made by bride but purchased through DesiFlower
Groomsmen and Bridesmaids' Attire: Urban OUtfitters, H & M, Zara, Ruche
Bridesmaids' Jewelry: Rachael Kinsey Designs