Lately, I've been so aware of my aesthetic preferences. I love to cook...but making food is such an art to me because of its' visual presence -- I love the impression a plate can make on you before you have even taken a bite. I don't like expensive house decorations -- but I like my thrift store finds arranged in a specifc way because of the feeling that it evokes. I hate shopping for clothes...but I like what happens when you pair two articles of clothing together and getting dressed suddenly becomes a creative endevour. I like specific fonts and I judge books by their cover. I have opinions about the layout of an advertisment and the way fowers are arranged in a jar.

I think merely living our lives and having experiences forces us to evolve creatively. We become aware of the things that strike us visually and the things we never want to see again. It's a really practical thing that happens to have a never-ending relationship with my career.

I am so thankful for the ways I have evolved as a photographer (go look at the first page of my blog...but really, you don't have to because I'm kind of sweating just thinking about it) but I want someone to slap me if I ever start turning down opoprtunities to have my paradigms challenged and my ideas expanded. I think creativity grows out of those experiences, yet, it is so easy to become bogged down in work-routines and ignore this desire to creatively evolve. Essentially, what grows out of this wanderlust is an artist's visual signature. A mark. A style that makes you, you. And I want to devote myself to a perpetual hunger for just that.

This shoot was an intentional step in that direction. It is a collaboration with a wonderful friend and artist, Elizabeth of Almond Leaf Studios. She photographs weddings, families and all things lovely but she has a serious passion for using her gift of photogrpahy to give a voice to the voiceless. She is often overseas documenting the hurting and the opressed. She is truly incredible and I hope we get to do this a million more times. The only stipulation for the shoot was to create without limitations. Such joy. Here is a link to Elizabeth's work from the shoot.

Lindsey and Mackenzie are the two incredible girls just being themselves in front of the camera. They always look this cool.