"Crowds are somewhat like the sphinx of ancient fable: It is necessary to arrive at a solution of the problems offered by their psychology or to resign ourselves to being devoured by them." - Gustave Le Bon

Gustave Le Bon pioneered the study of "crowd psychology" in the early 1900's, but the subject of his studies was a phenomenon empowering people long before he wrote them down on paper. Being the psychology nerd that I am, I have spent countless hours consuming literature on "group intelligence." Since the day the idea was introduced to me in some horribly small font in a text book, I have been intrigued by it. The democracy that we are so privileged to live in, has provoked innumerable acts of social change that were born out of the "crowd mentality." This world has an incredible history of ordinary people achieving unthinkable results by acting collectively. Often times these results are acquired in a manner that bypasses established social norms -- generally provoking controversy.

I was in all my glory as social norms were defied in the unfolding of a crowd-psyhology-experiment in the middle of Manhattan on a Saturday afternoon. There were no political or social desires at the heart of this act...just a good old fashioned mob. On skateboards. I just happened to be in the city a day prior to shooting a wedding in Long Island when 800 longboarders rolled through Midtown, bringing traffic to a complete stop, and performing what is better known as The Broadway Bomb. We happened to have our Canon S90 in pocket. Here is a little taste: