mike and lisa - savannah wedding photographer

Welcome to 2011! Woohoo!! And I am welcoming myself back to the blogging world…that was a ridiculously long time between sneak-peak and actual post! Mine and Kevin's holiday travel kicked off with a wedding weekend in Savannah, GA, followed by a wonderful week in Orlando with my family, followed by a New Year's Eve wedding in High Point, followed by a visit from Kevin's family! It's been so fun…and I confess that I am a bad multi-tasker so Mike and Lisa, thank you for your patience! 

If you read the blog often, sorry for the following repeat information, but Mike is Kevin's former room mate before I became Kevin's room mate 8 months ago. They lived together for 7 years and I was lucky enough to enjoy Mike for 2 of those years…and Lisa for one year and 10 months :) Right after I met Kevin, Mike broke his finger and began physical therapy to regain movement in his finger. It was then that we started hearing about the girl who worked at the rehab clinic. Not too long after that, the four of us could be found at Mike's house eating dessert on the couches with the fattest-stuffed-cushions on earth :) When Kevin and I got married in April and moved into our house it felt like a family had busted up. We are getting along happily on our own now but it was a serious adjustment! There are so many reasons that Mike and Lisa are wonderful and if you want to read about some of them, check out Mike and Lisa's engagement session

The average temperature in Savannah, GA in December is 65 degrees. The weather was playing by the rules on the night of the rehearsal dinner…a little rainy, but warm, and a little humid. Saturday morning (wedding day) the clouds and rain were hanging around and at some point the weather channel said that the rain would stop by 4 pm just in time for Mike and Lisa's outdoor wedding ceremony. They made the final call that it would be outside! I was throwing a party because I love outdoor weddings! We began pictures outside with a bit of sprinkling on and off but then the rain slowly came to a halt. About that same time the wind started blowing a bit and 2 hours later as Lisa walked down the aisle the temperature had dropped to about 45 degrees! She has the record in my book as the toughest bride ever. She shivered her way through the ceremony in her strapless dress and then let me take more pictures outside!!

The wedding was pure joy. Mike and Lisa were so happy…and at ease with each other. It was a beautiful ceremony despite the clouds and cold weather. Their commitment to each other was so genuine and long-awaited. You might recognize the officiant of the ceremony…it was MY HUSBAND! He was so honored to be asked by Mike and Lisa to perform their marriage ceremony! I made him practice in front of me tons of times and by the time the ceremony came I knew exactly when everything would happen. It was going to be a photographic dream and then Kevin noticed Lisa's shivers taking her whole body over and he carefully cut out a few parts to save her muscles from further spasms :) 

The wedding was purple and silver and just the right amount of Christmasy! All of it felt so warm and happy.

I'm talking way too much…it must be blogging withdrawals! Enough out of me! Mike and Lisa, I am so blessed to know you and to have photographed such an important day in your life! Thank you! Enjoy!