jenna and clay - charlotte wedding photographer

Jenna and Clay got married on January 15th -- about a week after Charlotte's recent snow and ice fest! They were wed at Pine Island Country Club with many of their friends and family as witnesses! One of my favorite things about this wedding was how evident it was that Clay and Jenna's family members think the world of them. From tiny nieces and nephews to friends that they work with…everyone adores them! And you can add me to the list now too! They are so easy going, SO fun, so comfortable with each other, so excited to be married to each other! Jenna and Clay are incredibly genuine…their love for each other is overwhelming…and their love for the Lord is obviously what makes them all of these other things. 

Let me tell a few of the ways that their funness came out on their wedding day…Jenna's green shoes for the first half of the day and her high tops for the second half, Clay's willingness to wear his glasses when Jenna wanted him to and take them off when she didn't, their excitement about traipsing through the slush to get outside pictures, their first dance morphing into a choreographed hip-hop routine complete with a lift (and Clay's blades :), and their non-stop dance moves for the entirety of the evening! 

Jenna and Clay, I wish you guys the best! I feel so blessed that I got to meet you two and be a part of your wedding day! Thanks to all the family and friends who endured the cold and were so pleasant to me about it! Enjoy the pictures!