liza and zach - charlotte wedding photographer

Liza contacted me months ago from Germany to tell me about her and Zach's wedding that would be on New Year's Eve in High Point, NC. Liza (with the help of her mom) planned the entire wedding from Germany. I later found out from her mom that she is an internet researching whiz. I need a little more of that determination! If I don't find what I'm looking for in the first few tries I just roll over and die. Anyway, Liza and Zach have such an interesting story. I hope I don't kill it in the retelling (Liza, slap me around if this is wrong)...Liza and Zach meet in elementary school. They become the best of friends. 10 years later they are forced to become long distance friends when Liza's family moves during her senior year of high school. When Liza and Zach go to college they start dating...they have a pretty good thing going for a while but then they break up and don't talk for years. Zach graduates from West Point and is in a foreign land when he sees a landscape (this in his own words to his bride at the reception) that is so beautiful it reminds him of Liza and he KNOWS at that moment he is going to end up with her. He comes back to the states for a wedding right around Christmas in 2009 and he asks Liza to join him at the wedding (they haven't really talked in years). Two or three months later they knew that they wanted to be together forever but Zach was on his way to Germany. They wanted to be married before they started their lives together so they had a Justice of the Peace wedding and headed out! Here we are almost a year later for their official wedding ceremony with all their friends and family! It really is a pretty incredible journey! Anyone who witnesses Liza and Zach together has to know that they were meant to be...they are just drawn to each other and they are so kind and sweet to each other. I think it is even reflected in the pictures! Even though they have technically been married for a year, Liza and Zach's relationship seems so exciting and fresh. I get the feeling it will be that way when they've been married for 50 years! 

It was so fun photographing them near downtown High Point. Liza had scoped out some fun spots and the lighting was just right. The ceremony and reception were held at Centennial Station and both were beautifully decorated by Elegant Creations! There were so many sparkly white lights and candles. Tons of 2011 decorations and best of all: A BALLOON DROP at midnight! Ahhhh!! It was incredible! See for yourself! Liza and Zach, best of luck to you guys! Congratulations!