jenn and jeff - charlotte wedding

Jenn is a college athlete, sports fanatic, engineer. Jeff is a swing-dancing, hard-working, overflowing-with-love-for-his-new-wife kinda guy. The first few hours I was photographing Jenn and Jeff it became apparent to me that they have those great complimentary personalities that make life so fun. They enjoyed each other so much throughout their wedding was a blessing to photograph such excited love! They got married at St. Mary's Chapel and had their reception in the private room at Maggiano's Italian Restaurant. A few of my favorite things from their wedding day: their simple but meaningful ceremony, the hand-picked wild flowers that the bride and bridesmaid (who picked the flowers) carried, the swing dance lesson that Jeff gave at the reception, the board games that entertained guests at their tables, Jeff's cake cutting get-up! This is one incredible couple! See for yourself:

Happy Wedding Jenn and Jeff!