beegle family

Meet Ronda, Sam, and the wonderful Carter. As Ronda and I emailed in the days leading up to their session she determined that the shoot would be mostly to capture the fullness of who Carter is and then a few family shots that aren't so staged. I had no idea what the fullness of Carter would end up being...and I'm not sure that my images can even capture how grand he is. Carter is 5 and he loves swimming, art, and guitar so naturally we did the shoot at their house in an attempt to capture his many talents! I so enjoyed watching Sam and Ronda interact with Carter --  I've gleaned some wisdom as to how he became so wonderful! They truly cultivate his imagination through encouraging his attempts at new projects (especially messy ones as you will see below)! Carter exclaimed to his parents several times during the session, "you guys are my fun family." :) I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

The many faces of Carter!

Saved the best for last! What a rock star...