the hardwick's - family

The Hardwick's took me on an unbelievable adventure to Rock Hill, South Carolina for their family portraits. They have family friends who live on a huge and beautiful piece of property at the end of a humble, gravel road. Upon my arrival Mr. Charles took me on a tour all the way around his "yard." My eyes were so wide with opportunity as we passed through shady forests, a shiny little pond, barns, tractors, fields of tall and free grass, cows with tons of personality. I told Charles that his yard would have been my childhood dream...I kept imagining hide and seek that would've gone on for hours!

The Hardwick's are such an easy going family. I don't lie when I say that there wasn't a tear from Thomas or Sloan during our 2 hour session....through the heat, the walking, the ants, the prickers! T.W. and Kendall even said at one point, "whatever it takes to get good pictures." I love it...and I hope you guys love your pictures!