mac kinnons & more - family

I met the Mac Kinnons a little over a year ago when I photographed their wonderful family of six! Photographing their family was incredible...they were so easy going and the shots were so diverse with an 18 year old son and a 4 year old son [at the time...i think] and two kiddos in between. It was such a joy to be around such a happy family and have the privilege of capturing some of that joy. Just when you think it can't get any better...

Maura emailed me a while ago to announce that her brother and sister and their entire families would be coming to Charlotte this summer for an extended-family beach vacation with the grand parents and they wanted to have pictures taken of all of that craziness. 3 sets of moms and dads, 6 girls, 4 boys, and a proud grandma and grandpa! One of the families flew in from Ireland [see if you can guess which one]! I had so much fun working with these three uniquely fun families [though it felt more like playing than working]! Enjoy your pictures!

I still can't stop smiling at this [above]!

I know your beach vacation must have been a blast!! Thanks for letting me document a bit of your reunion!