sara kay and conor - davidson wedding

I met Sara Kay's roomate in a coffee shop months ago. We were sitting right across from each other in the comfy chairs and I overheard her wedding planning which lead to photography chat...and I'm so sad to say I wasn't able to shoot her wedding this summer but we were reunited at Sara Kay's wedding a few weekends ago! Sara Kay and Conor met while they were both in college at Davidson so naturally they got married in the BEAUTIFUL chapel on campus! If you live in Charlotte and you've never ventured to Davidson you must...soon! Make a field trip out of it! The campus is gorgeous and happens to be across the street from a quaint little soda shop that would make anyone's day. Sara Kay and Conor are incredibly talented and intelligent...they are so fun to chat with.

A couple of my favorite things from their wedding: they hand painted details on their wedding invitations and ceremony programs, the bridesmaids wore the same dresses but in all different summer colors that reminded me of sherbet, the flowers were wild and whimsical, Sara Kay's dress was made by her mother and was amazingly simple and beautiful, and they shared in communion with each other and their guests during their ceremony. I only photographed pre-ceremony formal shots and the actual ceremony but I can only imagine how their creativity played out in their reception!

I hope you guys enjoy these!


Sara Kay and Conor, congratulations!! God, thank you for the amazing weather! It was a beautiful day on July 3rd and Davidson's campus was decked out in red, white, and blue...the flags looked so proud waving in the breeze!