camille & matt - almost wedding

I pulled into a parking spot at Glen Cairn Gardens in Rock Hill, SC last Tuesday at 5 PM after a day of surprise on-and-off rain showers. I met Camille and Matt there after months of communicating via email. They were more wonderful in person than I ever could have considerate, down to earth, generous, and in love. The evening was perfect...thank you God for bringing the sun out just in time! We stepped out into lush, green, park beauty and the sun started peaking out from behind the clouds. Camille's parents and one of her sisters came along to help make Camille and Matt look stunning but they did so much more than that. Camille's lovely mom carried my two ton camera bag around the park for two hours, her sweet sister made numerous trips to the car to get accessories, and her wonderful dad is quite the photographer so he scoped out the light situation at the park a few days earlier for us!!! They are truly some of the most caring, generous people I have ever met! Thank you guys for making those two hours so enjoyable and easy!!

The shoot was "almost wedding" because Matt and Camille had the brilliant idea of using their session to capture themselves in their wedding attire pre-wedding. I loved it for so many reasons. It was a blessing getting to know them for a few hours before their wedding, they got to get all the nervous jitters out [not that they seemed nervous at all, it was actually quite the laid back], and there was so much time to capture the most important part of the wedding: the bride and the groom [only it was 5 days before the wedding]! Thank you guys for coming up with this plan! 

Camille and Matt currently live in Washington, D.C. and they are getting ready to attend the same law school in the fall for the next three years!! They met in college a few years ago...both student athletes...Camille is a swimmer and Matt a soccer player. They are so right for each many of the pictures reveal how in love they are and it was sooooo hard to narrow it down and I still have their beautiful wedding to edit!! Ok, here they are:

I hope you guys enjoy these! I can't wait to post your wedding!! Congratulations!