christine and william - engagements

Christine and William and I had been trying to collaborate on a date for their engagement pictures for a few weeks...then a few Wednesdays ago we realized that Friday evenings were going to be our best bet and it turned out THAT Friday worked the best for all of us so Christine and Will, in all of their easy-goingness, took me up on the offer and we met two days later in Plaza Midwood for their engagement shoot!

Christine and William "knew" each other in high school but didn't start talking until a couple years after they gradauted when they realized they really like each other...they are some of the most flexible, easy-to-be-around people I've photographed and I happened to notice their impressive ability to make each other laugh by making barely audible jokes to each other :) Made my job easier! They are having a wedding on a dock by the seashore later this sounds like it's going to be beautiful!

We spent some time in Midwood Park and Nova's Bakery and then we made a few other roadside stops! Thank you to Nova's for letting us enjoy treats and cool furniture. I frequent this bakery and would like to suggest the blueberry croissant and the eclairs [it was hard narrowing it down to two...they also have great coffee...check it out!]! Ok, meet Christine and Will! 


Here's to many more years of swinging together! Happy Wedding!