allison - senior

Allison and her mom are so wonderful! I wish everyone had the opportunity to witness their relationship...they enjoyed each other so much and it was so encouraging to see a mother and daughter having so much fun with each other [and letting me be a part of it]! Allison graduated a few weeks ago and has recently begun summer school at Ole Miss [and she's proud of it, you'll see her sporting some gear below]. Allison's hobby is admittedly people. She loves people...meeting them, chatting with them, hanging out with them. She is talented at it too...she was so easy to talk to and I know were she got it -- her wonderful mother Marlene! Marlene is also a talented jewelry maker and owns her own business

Thank you guys so much for such a fun time and for being up for anything!

Allison, I hope you're loving college as I am typing this! Enjoy your senior/freshman pictures!