camille & matt's wedding

I'm so pleased to finally post Camille and Matt's wedding from a couple weeks ago! It was such a blessing to witness this wedding and joining of two many wonderful people in one place! The wedding ceremony took place in the late afternoon at St. Mary's Chapel close to downtown Charlotte and the reception followed at The Palmer Building, which is a beautifully restored fire school that was built in the late 1930's in an effort to employ people during the Great Depression. 

The reception was beautiful...vases stuffed full of a variety of white flowers and fresh herbs, low lights, and shiny hard wood floors. But it was really the ceremony that was note-worthy. Camille and Matt told me that they probably spent more time planning and preparing for the ceremony than anything else...and it showed! Every minute of it was packed with wasn't rushed and it didn't go on forever. It was just right. It was wonderful watching two people make a commitment to love each other forever and to bring glory to God.

Matt and Camille have such a genuine, sacrificial kind of love [from what I have seen] and that made it so easy to photograph them and so enjoyable for all the family and friends to participate in their wedding. It was truly a's a tiny window into an incredible day:

Check out Matt and Camille's pre-wedding session too! Happy Wedding Matt and Camille...I hope you guys are enjoying your travel time this summer!