happy trails...and a few sessions coming soon

I just got back to Charlotte a few hours ago from hiking the Appalachian Trail...and I wanted to tell anyone who would listen how wonderful the teenagers from my church are. They headed to the mountains this past Monday to begin a 5 day hike through the North Carolina mountains. All 25 of them finished yesterday afternoon...55 miles in 5 days. I had the privilege of bringing fat sandwiches with cold sodas on the side to the group on Wednesday and then I traded places with one of my co-workers and hiked the rest of the week. My milage is a little less impressive: 31. But the miles hiked is not the thing I wanted to mention tonight as I sit in the comforts of an air conditioned house. I am amazed at the desire these teenagers have to know their Maker on a deeper level. The woods in June are hot, buggy, humid, and sometimes rainy but they are also so peaceful and powerful...such a reflection of God's wonder. The students from our group spent a week without many wordly commodities not to brag on themselves but to do that which we should always do...pursue God with pure, focused hearts. It was a wonderful thing to witness. I only have one picture taken by a cell phone camera [I know...very unacceptable]. 

We spent this morning white water rafting at the Nantahala Outdoors Center. Another crazy adventure! The other reason for my post is because I am in the process editing three great sessions and I wish I had all of them finished now so I could post away and show you more of the the amazing people I get photograph but I don't so the next best thing is a sneak peak...eh?

Hopefully coming very, very soon: Matt and Camille's wedding

Christine and Will's engagement session from last week

And Allison's senior session from earlier this week!

Ok, I'm going to stop posting and start editing. More coming soon!!