Mia - family

Mia is my kind of girl. She is the craziest little adventure baby! She is walking like a pro and she's not quite one yet...she still has that cutie weeble wobble at the end of each step but she's in the process of mastering it. She tackles hills, mulch, bushes...and hardly ever goes down. While we were on the shoot she fell once and let out a little cry and her mom dusted her knee off and said, "we told her if she's going to be a wild woman she's gotta be tough." I love the McVickers!

I photographed Mia the first time when she was just a few months old and then again back in December for Christmas. We postponed the second half of the shoot because it was frigid and rainy and we were hoping to get a few shots outside...well spring got here and it's beautiful outside lately in Charlotte so we finally rescheduled the second half of the shoot! Mia is turning one a week from tomorrow so you'll see her feasting on [and wearing] a birthday cupcake in a few shots. The other big news is that Mia is getting a sibling very soon! Lavonta and Chris, your joy about having children is so contagious. I love hearing you guys talk about it. Thank you for letting me in on a little bit of your wonderful family! I can't wait for sister pictures!!

I love this soooo much! Pure joy! 



second favorite [above]

Lavonta...you look so pretty in the ones above! I am so happy you and Chris are parents and that Mia has so much personality because of it :) I hope you enjoy the pictures!