kourtney & jared - wedding

I feel pretty lucky to have known Kourtney for the past three years now. She is such a loyal friend...and she's always making me bust a gut. Her humor is the kind that gets better with time...it's so sarcastic and dry that you can't always tell if you're supposed to laugh...so the longer you know her, the funnier she gets. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to listen to her tell the stories of her many misadventures...they always blow me away. I always think I have Kourtney figured out...but one of my favorite things about her is the way she always surprises me by trying something way different and outside of her comfort zone. Just when I was sure the only approved foods in her diet were grilled cheese, fries, and pasta with alfredo sauce she went and explored vegetables :) I had the same kind of experience when Kourtney told me that she and Jared were going to have a Vegas wedding! And then after the surprise factor wore off, I basked in the excitement of getting to photograph their wedding. It was an honor to join them for their wedding day!

Kourtney and Jared have been dating since college at Appalachian State. Jared works in television production and Kourtney works at the church where my other job is :) They have two dogs with floppy ears, one of which has starred on the blog a few different times: Lucy. I only wish she could've been the flower girl.

This was my first trip to Las Vegas so I'm no pro but I'm pretty sure that their wedding day was the windiest day in the history of Las Vegas Sundays. I'll take the wind over this Charlotte humidity any day though. I was soaking up the phenomenon of DRY heat while in the western part of the United States. Kourtney made the best of the windy weather and went with the blowing-hair-model look in many of the pictures. They got married at The Chapel of the Bells -- which I found out over the weekend is famous for appearances in Vegas Vacation and Indecent Proposal and tons of famous people have been married there!

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your wedding day all the way in Las Vegas! I hope the pictures are a little taste of the fun and happiness that you guys share!


the Cadillac driver picked them up and took them by the marriage license office...so convenient. I was kind of wishing my wedding had come complete with that service!

They had a little post-wedding party and this mini-wedding cake was the star of the show. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and your honeymoon! Happy Marriage!