joe and nancy's wedding

What a wonderful couple...Joe and Nancy are self-proclaimed control freaks but they are the best kind of control freaks -- totally on top of everything [including tiny wedding details] but somehow entirely flexible! It was so great to work with two people who were prepared but who were so enjoyable to be around! This day was an adventure from beginning to end. Joe and Nancy got married at Holiday Inn Charlotte, Center City. Jill from All The Right Grooves D.J.ed the night away [she was unbelievable!] and Joy from Comfort and Joy Salon did hair and make-up and did a fantastic job!

I had the privilege of meeting Joe and Nancy through a friend who worked with Joe before he became the Head Coach of Track and Field at Wingate University! Joe will be coaching the very first season of Track at Wingate in Spring of 2011! He and Nancy ran cross country together in college and they've been dating for 5 or 7 years [sorry guys I couldn't remember which one but I was pretty sure it wasn't 6]. It was so fun to be a part of their wedding day...the families and bridal party were down to earth and so excited [about the wedding and about Ohio State basketball].

This is by far the most memorable "first sight" experience I have had with a bride and groom. It started sprinkling just about the time Nancy and I were going to meet Joe outside so they could see each other for the first time, so we rearranged and decided to meet in a skywalk [is that what it's called?] between the two parking garages. I spotted it as I parked at the hotel and had it in the reserves in case it rained. Nancy and I came out the elevator and were a little confused about where to go so we asked the security man where the skywalk was and he told us he had seen Joe and sent us towards him. Nancy and I took an elevator up one floor and I stuck my head out and spotted Joe -- Nancy accidentally got left in the elevator and had to ride down and back up. When she finally takes her first two steps out of the elevator, I start snapping some shots and I tell Joe [who is facing me, not her] that she is going to tap him on the shoulder in just a second. Nancy makes it within TWO STEPS of Joe and we start hearing this shouting so Nancy stops dead in her tracks and we turn around to find our friend the security man screaming that we can't take pictures in this parking garage because it's against the law. I plead with him to just turn around for one second so they can just embrace and then we will leave but he REFUSES. The whole time Joe is still facing me and hasn't seen Nancy but he's listening to the whole thing happen! Finally we realize security boy means business and we have to leave so Joe turns around and he and Nancy see each other in that moment as the security guard is escorting us to the elevator and in some strange way it was still entirely romantic. Joe and Nancy, I COMMEND you for your patience and security boy I appologize for the pictures we took on the next level of your parking garage.

Here is the wedding! 

                                         I know you guys will have tons of fun together in life! Thanks for being so in love and so easy to take pictures of! Congratulations on being wed!