arthur and lisa - engagements

I learned so much during my session with Arthur and Lisa! They were so kind to educate me on my neck and back between photos for 2 hours! They are dueling chiropractors and they actually met during chiropractor school a few years ago. Lisa is from New York and Arthur was born and raised in Romania. Many times when I schedule photo shoots my initial metting with a couple is in a public place and about half of the time I have never seen the people I am meeting. This was the case with Lisa and Arthur and usually I tell people what car I'll be driving or what I look like but this was one of those times I forgot to do that so Lisa and Arthur and I sat in the designated meeting parking lot for quite a while, making eye contact every now and then, until Lisa finally started walking over to my car and I figured out she was Lisa! Usually I can kinda scope the situation out and determine who's displaying the kind of characteristics of a waiting person...but Arthur and Lisa looked like they were enjoying themselves way too much to be waiting for anyone! But I quickly found out that's just who they are! They had tons of fun with each other during the shoot...just doing the simplest things! Ok, here we go...I hope you guys like the pictures!