lauren & pearson - engagements

Lauren & Pearson came in for the weekend from Auburn , Alabama to hang out with Lauren's family, work out wedding details, and take some "we're in love" photos! The shoot was on Saturday morning at 8:30 am but Lauren and Pearson still brough their A game. These two are getting married in Charlotte this summer and they're still figuring out what's next for their lives. I loved listening to Pearson talk about their future together as if the only thing that mattered is that he would be with Lauren. I don't think they are afraid of an adventure...Lauren and Pearson met while on two separate mission trips to China! I admire you guys' willingness to pursue the unknown. Thanks for spending your Saturday morning running around Charlotte with me...and thank you a million for your patience [they've been waiting to see these pictures since a week or so before the wedding festivities interrupted]! Hope you enjoy the picures!