dearly beloved

I'm married! Wooohooo!! I've been thinking about making this post since yesterday afternoon and I still haven't come up with words to describe how much joy I felt during the weekend I was WED! It was so overwhelming to have so many WONDERFUL people together for a weekend. I truly feel like I have the greatest family and friends on earth. I hope everyone gets to feel this way. All the excitement kept building as different people arrived and then on top of that was the real excitement...that I was finally marrying Kevin! We enjoyed our wedding so much. We had so many people tell us to be ready for a whirlwind of a day…they warned us that we might not even get to taste the food at our own wedding and we may not remember who was there because we would be so busy talking to a million people. I am excited to say that this didn’t happen to us!! We got to hug tons of friends and family and show off our dance moves :) and I am proud to say that I tasted every single thing that the caterers provided!  

We were so blessed by all the people we worked with for our wedding…so if you are planning a wedding check these people out!! We had our ceremony at Green Rice Gallery in NODA and Carla [the owner] was diligent, professional, hard-working, and very helpful!! The gallery is full of gorgeous natural light and it has those wonderfully unfinished looking floors and ceilings. Our reception was also in NODA at the Hart-Witzen Gallery! This is the gallery where Kevin proposed to me so it meant the world to us to be able to celebrate our wedding day there! Clayton is the co-owner/lighting professional/artist/party coordinator! His creative spirit and dedication to making our event go smoothly was more than we could’ve ever asked for! He is unbelievable! Split Second Sound dj’ed us through the night! Joey was totally on top of it…he had a schedule handy all night and he’d let us know before he would announce something. He kept us on track all night...but we all know the most important thing that a DJ can do is NOT be cheesy…and there was not even a hint of cheese flavor in the air. Elizabeth Tolley did my hair and I love her for it. I’m not so girly and hair and make-up kind of freak me out. She made me feel so comfortable and she listened to all my weirdo requests! I’ve seen some of her other work and she is great at achieving a natural look! We had just a few wild flowers dressing up our tables and they were done by Elizabeth House Flowers. We loved the way the tables turned out! Now I’m a little biased because I love to eat but I think the food is the best part of weddings! It’s a celebration feast…what could be better? We loved working with Best Impressions Catering. They are in South End and they work directly with Byron’s but they cater anywhere! We wanted to do a Southern meets Italian food-theme since I am Italian and Kev is from Alabama so we threw this crazy idea at them and they created a unique menu with items such as Shrimp & Polenta and Fried Green Tomato Bruschetta. Lastly, I must mention that our cakes and cupcakes came from one of our favorite restaurants in town: Pike’s Soda Shop! Tammy is the baker/co-owner and she is wonder woman. She made all of our favorites…orange blossom cupcakes, carrot cake, oreo cupcakes and she helped display them at the reception. Truly a delight to work with. Her husband put on a fantastic rehearsal dinner for us at the restaurant the night before our wedding! We were honored to have our party there! Lastly, my personal-favorite-wedding-detail: photography! I was so blessed to have a close friend of mine photograph our wedding. Erin Woolsey of EE Photography is a friend from college and she has been my greatest mentor in my photography business. She is so genuine and patient, so interested in others, willing to do anything for anyone…she has one of the sweetest hearts ever. I am so thankful for the wonderful job she did and for how quickly she posted our wedding on her site! Go look!

I must also note that I am so thankful to be married to someone so creative! Kevin came up with so many brilliant ideas for our wedding and even more astonishing than his creativity is his ability to actually make ideas come to life. He inspires me and makes me a better worker. One of his great contributions to our wedding day was this mockumentary in which he spoofed the Ken Burns Civil War Series, to make a much more touching war story...The War for Jenna's Heart.

I am feeling a bit self-indulgent with all this talk about my own wedding but I wanted to make a post about all the great vendors we worked with so that other people might get to experience them! I also want to say thank you to so many family and friends that sweated on our behalf on April 17th to make things wonderful for us. We are so humbled by your involvement in our lives! Thank you!!

And to Kevin: we’re married!! It’s already more fun than I ever thought it could be! Wari!