alex bryan -- senior

Alex is one of the teenagers I have the privilege of working with all the time at church! You would never know she is a senior in high school...she's so mature and aware that sometimes I forget she's a teenager. She's willing and generous. She has compassion overflowing out of her all the time. She's creative, fun, and she loves to laugh. I so enjoy being with her. We love drinking coffee together but more than that we love dipping frosted biscotti in our coffee. If you've never been to coffee works at the Arboretum, go now! Get a hazelnut zebra biscotti in honor of Alex and me.

Alex and I had big plans for a few different locations for her senior pictures. Our session was from 3-5. All day the sun shined like a champ and the good, fluffy kind of clouds kept showing up here and there. Around 2 PM a gray cloud intruded on the beautiful blue skies and it poured for about 20 minutes. It looked like it was over after that and the sun strated trying to come out so we went forward with our plans for the shoot. Woah...we missed the memo that the rain was bringing cold weather with it! I think it dropped 20 degrees over the first hour we were out there! Ay yi yi. Alex was such a trooper...these horrible, frigid winds kept sneaking up on us and freezing us out. So this display of pics is really just the first half...we ended up having to postpone the second half. So you'll be seeing Alex again soon! 



I love the one on the left! So alex...

you'd never know we were freezing to death! I couldn't decide between this one above and the one below...which is so lame because they are almost the same. I love that the dimple appeared in the one above but I like the look in the one below.