joe and nancy -- engagement

I am so happy I met Joe and down to earth, creative, hard-working, and in love. It is so great to be around people who are in's pure inspiration for me, things happen so easily and i love leaving the shoot knowing things are going to be ok...maybe not perfect, but I know that no matter what happens to Joe and Nancy they each have someone in their life who loves them regardless of the situation and for that I am glad. Nancy is a wonder woman working two jobs and planning a wedding and Joe is the brand new track coach at Wingate out! Check them out: 


My favorite! Joe and Nancy are wonderful examples of great engagement-shoot outfits! I loved their get-up...and I'm not kidding about Nancy being a wonder was in the 30's at the beginning of shoot and she was running around in that dress and not complaining even a little!

This is the wonder of a morning shoot...It was probably 9:30 or 10 am and the sun snuck out..woohoo!

     another favorite!

Thank you guys for being such a joy to be around! I can't wait for your wedding in a few weeks!!