adam and laura - happily married

What a joy it is to photograph married folk. I like to think I'm pretty lucky with the engaged couples that I get to photograph...they are typically so natural and fun together, so I'm not complainin' but there is just something wonderful about the comfort of marriage. It was so evident when I was photographing Adam and Laura who've been married for 5 years now! There isn't much that happens in 2 hours of photoshoot that hasn't already happened in 5 years of marriage. It's just easy and happy!

A little history on Adam and Laura and Red White and Green...when I was first getting started as a photographer I had a lot of interest from families and I love shooting families, but I realized pretty quickly that I wasn't going to bust into the wedding world until I at least had some shots of couples to display on my blog so I did what any good photographer would do and I asked some good lookin' people to model for me! I knew Adam and Laura a bit and I knew they loved each other a lot so I thought the shoot would be perfection! And it the time :) I look back now and I gag a little bit at my photography skills but you have to be proud of your So I dare you to go check it out. October of 2008! Woah...I hope I've come a long way since then! 

So a little over two years later, Adam and Laura wanted to freshen up their pictures and get some shots with both of their dogs (they only had one at our first shoot) whose names are Jude and Rigby. Clever eh? The plan was to shoot a few urban locations and then head to a field for something a little more rustic. These two like the Southern lifestyle magazine called Garden and Gun so they sent me over to the site to check it out pre-shoot so we could style some shots that way. So fun! Pictures really do reflect the time and energy you pour into them...I love when people come up with fun stuff like this (hint, hint)! See for yourself! Enjoy!