jenna and clay - charlotte wedding photographer

Jenna and Clay are my heroes. Jenna moved to Gastonia, NC from Philadelphia, not knowing a soul, so that she could be a teacher at a school that was in need. Clay is a body builder and a dirty dancing (the movie) enthusiast. He's not actually a Dirty Dancing enthusiast... he just happens to pull out Patrick Swayze moves every now and then. Remember in the movie how "the lift" is the biggest deal ever? Well Clay and Jenna do that move in their sleep! You will see for yourself pretty soon.

Clay and Jenna came to their engagement session with so many ideas! They are getting married on January 15th so a lot of their friends and family have given them Christmas ornaments this year so they had the idea to decorate a tree out in the wild with all their new gear. The small tree that we found just as the light was leaving us didn't prove to be very strong but Jenna and Clay had fun with I'm thinking they must do with everything. It was so fun to watch how much they enjoy life together.

They also decided to have me shoot some of their pictures at the gym where they work out. They both love lifting weights and working out and they told me that this place has been a huge part of their relationship over the past year or two. I felt privileged getting to see them in their element...their muscles are huge!

Jenna and Clay, thanks for being wonderful! Enjoy the pics!