boston & phoenix

A quick post between travels...last night I arrived back in Charlotte at 9:31 PM and today I am flying out to Phoenix at 1 PM. Kevin was my sidekick for a WONDERFUL wedding in Boston and I am his sidekick for a little bit of business in Phoenix followed by a few days of hiking in the GRAND CANYON! I am so excited I can't stop tapping my feet on the floor under my desk as I type this! I can't wait to become one with nature! Ok, that's a little out of control...but really there is something so peaceful and happy about getting into the woods (or rocks in this case) where hardly anyone else has breathed the air and just BEING. I love it. I can't wait to post some pictures of it! 

I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about Road Food adventures before, but it's a regular part of all of our travels. Kevin is really the mastermind behind this game. He travels a lot for work and at some point he realized he didn't want to eat Applebee's and Outback for dinner every night so he did some research and came home with a thick book filled with thousands of descriptive words dedicated to amazing eateries: Road Food. Whenever we travel together we try to hit all the "roadfoods" we possibly can. Well this weekend in Boston we made a record: 12 restaurants in 2 and a half days! I'm not sure if this is disgusting or cool. So now that the world knows we're's some evidence of our obsession. Photography courtesy of Kevin on his camera phone!

A shots I took by the water when we were visiting Kelly's Roast Beef for a THIRD dinner Friday night!

Enough about us though, the real reason we were in Boston was for one of the most unique and fun weddings of my life and I can't wait to post a sneak peak of it (hopefully later today)! A few family sessions and a senior session on the way very soon too...I will use my five hours of flying time wisely!