allyson & will's wedding - charlotte wedding photographer

Allyson and Will were so incredible on their wedding day! It was almost like you wouldn't have known they were about to get married if you were just hanging out with them (well and if they weren't wearing fancy clothes and if I weren't a wedding photographer). Before the wedding ceremony occurred it was just pure excitement. Happy, easy-going excitement. After the ceremony it was bliss. I've never really had the desire to use that word but I feel like Allyson and Will post wedding could only be called bliss. They were just so happy to be with each other. I could've taken a thousand different shots of them and they wouldn't have complained because they were just enjoying each other's presence (and they happened to be standing in a swarm of wee little flying bugs for a lot of the shots)! They were just so lovely to work with...I can't say it enough!

But I will move on...Allyson and Will got married on maybe the most beautiful day of this year on Oak Island Beach. I love the Carolina beaches...the dunes and sea oats. Their reception took place in a white tent decked out in purple and red flowers and details. I LOVED all the flowers. I took many pictures of will notice momentarily :) They were done by Beautiful Bouquets by Betty out of Wilmington.

Allyson decided to only show her wedding dress to her mom and sister and one other friend so on her wedding day the dress was still in hiding until she put it on and came down the stairs as a stunning bride. The bridesmaids reactions were priceless. I loved it. My other favorite moment of the day was when Allyson and Will took the dance floor for their first dance and the crowd realized they were performing a choreographed dance...and they were great!! It was all so fun!

Allyson and Will, thank you for letting me capture your beautiful day!