ashley & jeff engagements - charlotte wedding photographer

Meet Ashley and Jeff. They are natural in every sense of the word. Their interactions with each other were natural - so genuine and comfortable. They were naturals at being in front of the camera. They're also natural in the way that whole grains are natural :) I think the word everyone uses these days is "organic." But it's true that describes them...they love the outdoors - I made them prove it by traipsing through fields and hanging out with cows! Jeff worked for a few years at The Nantahala Outdoor Center as a rafting guide and a few other things. I wouldn't let him stop talking about I secretly wish I had enough upper body strength to be a rafting guide! 

Ashley and Jeff met at Wofford College and they're getting married on campus in 2011! I have a feeling the whole event is going to be gorgeous from what I have heard from these two and from what I saw when I met Ashley and Jeff in Davidson at their house! It was decorated with such fun colors and unique furniture! 

After spending a few hours with Ashley and Jeff I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering how I am so blessed to meet so many cool people all the time...and get paid for it! What fun hanging out with you two! I can't wait for the wedding! Hope you enjoy the pictures...