ryan and joanna's wedding

Yeeeeahhhhh!!! I'm so glad to finally be posting Jo and Ryan's wonderfully hand-made, whimsical, Scottish, autumn wedding in Boston! Jo and Ryan married at their church and had their reception in the church's vintage (when I say vintage I don't mean that the church went to vintage stores to decorate with old fashioned goodies...I mean it really is vintage) reception hall. I really cannot go any further in my description without telling the world about the Eplings. Joanna is one of them...but not the first one I met. A few weeks after moving to Charlotte to work with teenagers I found myself in a conversation with a 15 year old who engaged ME in a conversation. As a youth worker it's kind of your job to engage youthies in conversation as they are not always very outwardly focused :) so you might imagine my surprise when I met Muriel's outgoing, comfortable, inquisitive personality. I loved Muriel's way of life the very minute I met her and I couldn't imagine what kind of family could produce such a wonderful being! Then I met Kay, or the motherland, as Muriel lovingly refers to her. Kay really is one of the most incredible people I have ever known. She dances with Muriel in the living room to Earth Wind and Fire, she is practical, she has a heart so much like the Lord's, she is humble and willing, she loves art and music and people, she makes brie cheese wrapped in puff pastry :) I really could go on forever. I thought I had discovered the greatest relationships on earth when I met Kay and Muriel...and little did I know there were two more off at college (and one off in Heaven...Matthew, the other party responsible for these three fantastic kids, a man who I'm SURE was full of heart and down-to-earthness and all things Epling)!

I discovered the loveliness of Jo more and more each time she was home from college but I only wish I could live near her and experience it all the time! Jo is wise and whimsical at the same time. She is brilliant and happy. She is selfless and interested. She writes and speaks incredibly eloquently. She is an amazing musician. She is so many lovely things! That is the words her sister used to describe her in her maid-of-honor speech and I think she is right. Jo is lovely.

I wish I had as many great things to say about the Murdoch family but my time with them adds up only to a day and a half. I know that they are fun to talk to, more gracious than most, and secure in their manhood (check out their skirts below)! The words that come to my mind when I think of Ryan (after knowing him for 2 days) are peaceful, calm, content, and happy. I hope my vocabulary in reference to Ryan has an opportunity to grow soon!

The wedding. Jo made all the flowers. Her own, made out of fabric, and the girls and guys made out of gold leaves! The decorations and table assignments were handmade by Jo and company. The bridesmaids individually chose their own navy blue dresses...perfect in the end! The guests contributed homemade pies for dessert. Many friends played in a wonderful bluegrassy band that accompanied a contra dance caller (maybe the most fun I've seen guests have at any wedding this year)! If you don't know what contra dancing is and you live in Charlotte, come to Chantilly Hall on Monday nights to find out. It's a blast.

If you made it to this point, I apologize for my long-windedness! Here is Jo and Ryan's happy wedding:

Jo and Ryan, congratulations on being wed!