the randolph's - charlotte family photographer

Meet the Randolph's! This photo shoot marks the day I had my first encounter with Marvin - that's not a person, it's a part of South Charlotte I had no idea existed! If you're like me and you didn't know about this little region then get on Rea Rd and drive south for a little'll find it! It was as fun little adventure. My mom happened to be in town and I put her to work looking for funky locations while I drove the car. She did a pretty good job and our top three ended up being a colorful little field, a used-to-be-car-repair-shop, and lastly we hit the jackpot at a pumpkin stand that had recently closed. The Randolph's were up for all of it - even Libby who I found out during the shoot doesn't care much for anything that crawls :) The oldest of the Randolph girls is Jenna and I've been lucky enough to get to know her sweet little heart for the past few years when I was working at her church. Jenna and I happen to have a lot of things in common...maybe that comes with sharing a name. We like to think of the craziest names of people we've met (so much so that we started a book to collect the names in so we'd never forget them) and come up with Home Depot paint chip names for really bold colors, and one time we both passed out in Honduras. Jenna is one of those wonderful people who thinks about other people before herself all the time. She really has a heart for making people feel good...she is quite the Jenna! And she has a great smile that she is happy to show off since its recent freedom from braces! Libby has tons of talents and interests and she's a smarty! It's evident the girls get their fun and unique personalities from their brilliant, encouraging parents! Thank you guys for such a fun session!