the fowler's - charlotte family photographer

It's so gray outside I am happy to be sitting by a window drinking coffee and thinking of the happy Fowler's. They have smiles that make you want to throw a party and the way they all interact with each other is reminiscent of the Tanner's from Full House but without the cheese. They're so comfortable with each other and just uplifting. I know not everyone gets to grow up in a family that makes you like yourself more so this kind of family is really a blessing to witness! David, Kristi, Shelbi, Karli, and Zhane are the lovely Fowler's. I posted Shelbi's senior pictures a few weeks ago so you may recognize her. Karli is next in line and I only wish that I had a recording of her giggling to link right here so that everyone could smile as much as her. Zhane has the greatest cheeks and dimples of all time - it sounds like I'm talking about a toddler but Zhane is a teenager...I just have a thing for good cheeks. David and Kristi are the source of all the love and fun. They are such cool parents. You will see for yourself in a second.

Thank you guys for letting me capture your family! Enjoy the pictures!