the tillotson's - charlotte family photographer

Every fall for the past three years I've photographed the Tillotson family and every year it's kind of unbelievable how big the boys have gotten and at first I tend to get a little nostalgic about it until we start setting up shots and then I realize I'm working with little humans!! I can tell them poses to strike and they can do it! And...they look good when they do it too :) The Tillotson's are so happy-go-lucky and positive and I feel blessed to be their annual photographer! The boys are so happy to be alive and it's kind of hard to not smile constantly when you're with them.

Oh, and I told myself I was going to do a whole post on lovely outfit choices (and hopefully I still will) but until then take note of the Tillotson's matchy, but not too matchy clothing choices. Some of the things I love...all the same color club: browns, greens, and yellows...with a little splash of blue. The boys' outfits are not too play clothesy and not too fancy...I think they strike a perfect balance for not too formal family shots (and I'm sure they picked those outfits themselves)! Macey, thanks for making your family so photographable!

Finally...The Tillotson's:

love the funny faces (above)! These last few are a tribute to Adron and Houston's October birthdays!