britney - senior

Meet Britney! I'm not sure if she could be any more wonderful...

I've known Britney for almost four years now - she's in the youth group at the church I used to work at. It has been incredible getting to watch Britney grow up. That makes me sound like an old lady, but really, 13 to 17 is crazy change-o time. From braces and Disney channel to having a job and applying to colleges (actually I still watch Disney channel...who am I kidding?). Britney brings joy to anyone who is lucky enough to be in her presence. She was created to laugh and be happy and she doesn't let the stress and woes of this world impose on that! That's a quality we could all use a little more of. 

Brit is a senior at Sun Valley High School where she is a cheerleader and she's on student government. Her only prop at the session was her Bible. I'm tellin' ya, she's pretty incredible. She sat and read her favorite verse from Psalms and we snapped a few frames of it! Her amazing mom joined us for the session and it was so refreshing to watch them enjoying each other. Sarah could not be a more inspirational, encouraging woman and mother. Enjoy the pictures!