mike and lisa - engagements

Mike and Lisa are pretty unbelievable. Mike used to be Kevin's roomate for the six years before I became Kevin's roomate when we got married. Six years! Kevin has said a thousand times that he could not imagine a better roomate (and friend now) than Mike…and though I never lived with him I agree 100%. Mike is humble, kind, selfless, incredibly easy to talk to, and the owner of my favorite dog ears ever: Mac's (don't worry…Mac makes his debut below)! Lisa and Mike started dating just a month or two after Kevin and I started dating so not only have I had the privilege of knowing Lisa for a few years; I've also had the privilege of watching her and Mike become who they are now…about to be Thompson's. Lisa is just comfortable in her own skin. She laughs often and her laugh makes me laugh a lot…she has the kind of personality that makes you feel peaceful when you're with her.

Needless to say, I was honored to photogpaph such wonderful friends. Mike and Lisa are getting married in December in Savannah! I can't wait!