john & diana's wedding blog has been so boring for the last couple of weeks but that's only because life hasn't been so boring and I've been really blessed to travel all around for Christmas with Kevin. Sorry for the boring blogging break. Our Christmas journey started with a weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana for John and Diana's wedding. I've never been to Indianapolis it was such a treat to explore a new city for a few days. I loved it...tons of culture and a really beautiful downtown. After Indianapolis we headed to Hunstville, Alabama and then to Orlando, Florida...but more on that later. The real news here is that John and Diana got married! It was a blast. I love watching these two interact...I'm pretty sure I wrote some of this same stuff when I posted their engagement session...but seriously, they were made for each other. It just works. They are both so unique--in really different ways but it makes for such a wonderful union. The got married at The Mavris in downtown Indianapolis. It was full of character, three floors of interesting, ex-grocery store architecture. It was a great day...I need to thank all of John and Diana's family members for being such crazy dancers and partiers -- it made for some of my favorite reception pictures here goes:  


i really like this one above...I wish I could remember the name of the stylists that did hair and make-up. Someone tell me so I can add a link. They were great--fast and fun to be around.

    I couldn't pick a favorite shoe here's a few...

meanwhile...this was going on upstairs.

  These two above are so telling of the actual process...tons of hands in this delicate approach at protecting the bride's head.

 tough guy?

Diana! Stunning! Oh...I forgot to mention that it was snowing the whole weekend...but it was the rip-off kind of snow. It wasn't sticking anywhere so that we could go outside and take winter-wonderland was just glorified rain really and it NEVER stopped the whole day of the wedding. I was thankful that Marvis was so pretty inside. So anyway, we never made it outside so I tested out some of my new lighting knowledge [above left]. It's so much more dramatic than I usually take on, but Diana makes it work.

   these guys were great...thank you for being fun :)

this is a throwback....a reproduction of the Hoosiers 1989 team? A basketball would've completed it...

If you look on the top left you can see Diana coming a million miles away.

I had already taken so many pictures before the wedding even comes the real deal below

this was one of the most touching mother/son dances I've ever had the priviledge of witnessing. John singing to his was so sweet.

this was a rendition of "we didn't start the fire"...complete with coreography...spontaneous choreography.

i love the one above

i told you, these guys know how to have a good time!

intense cake cutting

 you guys were a blast! i loved being a part of your wedding day...thanks!