austin and kendyl wedding rehearsal

Austin and Kendyl got married in Midland, Texas the first weekend in January...they did something so unique. They had an afternoon wedding on a Saturday, they were planning to fly out to begin their honeymoon Saturday evening and they didn't want to cut their party time short so they had a rehearsal dinner that had dancing, wonderful food, and tons of family and friends. Their wedding was in a church and there was a short but great reception to follow...I photographed the rehearsal and rehearsal PARTY but not the wedding...and I know this is horrible but I didn't snap a single shot the day of the wedding. As much as I love photographing, I love just BEING somewhere and getting to fully experience a wedding is really a i left the camera in the car. I was so happy to photograph the was kind of nice having all the fun but less pressure. Everyone is so themselves and so expectant of something's hard to NOT have fun. Austin and Kendyl are so wonderful--both so laid back but on top of it. The Bryan family has made it onto the blog several pics...Austin and Kendyl's engagements. They are some of my favorite people ever...I hope you guys enjoy!

I was a huge fan of the place where the reception was. It's called Kessler's. The man who owns it is must be the most handy, creative guy on was kind of south western meets rustic cabin. I don't think the photos even capture the unassuming beauty of the place. It was great at night but in the daylight you could see all of its quirkiness.

                and then the dancing started...

i love these two of Austin and his mom

It was so fun to be with you guys!'re married!