jamie & eleanor's wedding

Jamie and Eleanor are truly some of the most content people. I remember saying this about them when I did their engagement pictures, but even on your wedding day!? They were so at peace and just rollin' with the punches....and breaking whatever rules they wanted to! I loved this about Jamie and Eleanor...they didn't do anything on their wedding day just because you're supposed to. The program had word puzzles and editorials, they skipped cutting the cake because they were busy having fun, they rode on a red trolley to the reception. They were so grateful to everyone and so happy to be with their family and friends. Wonderful, wonderful day...

 i love the face!

 on the left [above] is the ring bearer...he called himself the rain barrel and he wore pink crocs on the wrong feet. my kind of kid...


 This church is so beautiful...it is on the corner of two of Charlotte's busiest streets and i think the whole world wants to get married there because it is so grand and so traditionally wedding. The little gold guy on the top left was a surprise as Eleanor pulled up to the church. He stands tall and proud on the corner where the church is and he was sporting a vail and this sign and a Canadian and American flag [Jamie is from Canada].

 Eleanor and her dad waiting in the balcony...

Eleanor's mom made her vail!

 i love their faces in this one!

The reception was at Byron's in South End...it was so elegant, with perfect lighting and red flowers scattered everywhere. I see this water tower [above] all the time and I always wondered who it belonged to! Now i know it belongs to Byron...and i may be back for more!

These are Eleanor's wedding day shoes!!! And this is the cake stand where those cupcakes were before they got devoured! I hope you guys loved your wedding as much as I did! Congratulations!