the caldwell family

Is there anything better than one year old twins? And not just any old twins...the best kind...a boy and a girl! Tom and Mindy are the wonderful parents of two beautiful babies: Holland and Cole. They were so well behaved and happy. Such an easy going family with lots of love. Holland and Cole loved the camera...they would just stare me down and every now and then Holland tried to get herself a little piece of lens. She was memorized...and I was loving it. Check it out:


holland. check out that little belly. If this doesn't make you smile...

 i hope holland and cole look at this picture one day when they are 25 and say...ahh those were the days...

i think they look pretty twinny above.

cole!! i think he was posing for me!

 holland definitely wasn't!

 i am a big fan of the one soft...i think this is my favorite.

 this is their backyard...beautiful eh?

above: this is the beginning of a beautiful mess. Holland and Cole turned one last week so Mindy made them cupcakes for the session. She told me they had never tasted cake and i was freaking out about can tell i am not a mom. Guess who loved the cake by the next set of pictures...?

 they were so funny. after a while cole started looking at his hands and then looking at his mom and dad and wondering why they weren't cleaning him. Mindy had to do a wardrobe change before she started cleaning them up...big job. I think it was worth it though! Mindy and Tom, I hope you guys do too!


I wonder about the world from her perspective...happy first birthday Holland and Cole!