tim is 50!

A few weekends ago I had an opportunity to photograph a 50th birthday party at a park with iced tea and Price's fried chicken [their website isn't going to draw you in but i think i have found that the less extensive the website is, the better the food is...maybe because they are spending all their time dunking chicken in the frying pan...if you live in Charlotte you gotta try it but plan on a picnic because they don't have tables--just to go]. I love shooting events because everyone is just themselves...it's not like asking people to pose. It's sort of a challenge to find people being themselves and then capture it without being intrusive. I ended up at this party because a good friend was hosting it for his 50 year old brother. His name is Kent and he and his wife have some of the kindest hearts i have ever known...they give so generously and in a way that really requires sacrifice on their part. They are unique and wonderful and here is their party:

on the left: Kent and Vallarie and on the right Kent and Tim [birthday boy, in the middle] and their other bro. Can't you just tell they are sweet and fun?

Above: they decorated with old records and they had karaoke and a few people even busted some moves. The bottom left shows a basket that someone made for Tim...he loves peanut butter and it had tons of peanut butter treats...If i had hovered over it any longer i may have snagged something, like maybe those nutter butters! I love when people are so creative and thoughtful with gifts!


i LOVE the one above...haha

Happy Birthday TIM!!