Wow...I thought posting a "coming soon" of Mallorie would keep me accountable to hurry up editing but I guess I overestimated myself! This is long overdue but I am happy to finally present Mallorie! Mallorie goes to UNC Wilmington and you can tell by her beach tan. She was in town for the weekend and we did a little shoot. You may remember her from a shoot with her sister brooke. They are both adorable. If Mallorie lived in Charlotte i would always want to hang out with her [so stay there if you don't want to have to hang out with me Mallorie]! She is so down to earth, confident, smart...ohhh man. Just check her out:               

that sky is untouched [no editing] no lies! 

 i love this one!

one of my favorites above.

above: we tried so hard to find a way to get on top of that bail of hay...i know it doesnt look hard but next time you see a hay bail give it a try!


above is another favorite

Mal, so pretty!

 then we went downtown to see what we could find and this was it!

i love the shadows! 


 My final favorite! Mal, I'm glad the world has people like you in it! Hope you like these!