baby mia...

Mia...woah! She is truly one of the most perfect babies i have ever seen. Perfect skin, big grayish blue eyes, and she's a little happy pants. I loved taking pictures of her. It's so hard to pick favorite images when I have the privilege of photographing such a cutie! I finally did it though and i am happy to present Mia:              

ahh...a little strawberry head!

 I really like this one [above]...but i am warning you now...i have tons of favorites from this session!

Mia's parents are one of a kind...persistent, dedicated, attentive...and so fun. the top two pictures on this collage are the only two feet shots i snagged as favorites but i took tons...i love baby feet and mini.

another favorite...

 i thought this one was so wonderful...i love how much parents love their new babies!

check out the laughs on the bottom left!! 

 another favorite. her arms are so perfect like that.

 another one...

baby in a basket

 i love Lavonta's face!

 this might be my absolute favorite! what a sweet pops!

Lavonta and Chris, you have one of the cutest babies on earth! i loved being with you guys and i look forward to 6 months! I hope you like some!