the bryan family!

Finally...i am ready to follow up on my sneak peak of the Bryan family. I have known the Bryan's for a little more than two years...and in that two years I am continually amazed at their beauty. Blair and Karen are two of the greatest parents on this dedicated and lively. they bring so much joy to their family because of they way they raise their kids. They are so generous and thankful and humble...and they love adventure :) Their four kids are born out of the same them:      

Liz, Coleton, Austin, Alex

 above: they're so happy...and funny...and i love them for giving real laughs for the camera!
 above: one of the many tries at blowing four bubbles simultaneously

got it!! 

 liz and alex!!! this one looks so peaceful! guess who's older?

liz is older...but no one ever knows...she is going to be a sophomore at college and coleton is going into 8th.

 such blue skies!!!

liz noticed the train was coming after we had already started walking away from the tracks...and we sprinted back and they all fell into place so they've been sitting there all day!

 above is a perfect example of what to wear in a family, bold colors that match enough but not like the partridge family. you guys are good looking!

i really like the one of my favorites from the session...but for some reason i feel like it's a harry potter poster..?

 i love this...i was going to photoshop the dirt out and then i decided that real life is's dirty but somehow there is beauty in that.

i think above is my favorite from the was the VERY last shot! 

 this is a tribute to karen and blair...they weren't in the shoot but i made the kids do some detective work to get a photo of them and this is the one they chose!! they couldn't find a single photo besides this one that had just karen and blair in it...a testament to the way they love their kids. Karen and Blair look a bit cooler these days...but i'm sure they were just as wonderful back in the day! Thanks for being so great all of you guys! love you!