maggie jane & amanda

Maggie Jane and Amanda made me so happy. They were squealing with excitement about the photo shoot. These two have been friends forever and they are both seniors this we set out on a little journey to try to capture their wonder...

 i think maggie [left] looks like she could be out of the 70's in this picture. happy!

blue skies! check out what we had to work with [below]:

 i feel like this one is the cover for a tv series on dvd. heroes?

mags getting a little sassy

 check out those eyes on amanda!


this one above is one of my favorites from the session

 after this little location above, the sky started getting scary and it looked like it was going to maggie and amanda decided to try to beat the rain to it and they jumped in the fountain...

i LOVE this last one. it is so was the last day of their summer when we took these :( Check out the one on the top right...i mean they weren't just splashing girlily in the fountain--they were swimming. you guys were great...thank you...and cheers to a good summer!!